Sep 11 2013

Max Flint together with Johnny Rapid

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Max Flint wipes his brow, raking leaves has caused him to work up a sweat in the late afternoon. It’s a dull job, especially when your a twink, but the lawn needs cleared for the day. Max breaks from his rest taking the rake in his hand he starts to clear a patch of grass, working towards his neighbor Johnny Rapid’s house. Raking towards the window, Max peers in and notices Johnny is home.

Johnny Rapid is sitting on the edge of his bed bored and horny sitting all alone watching some gay cam live shows. He’s a smooth twink, happily caressing his hard cut cock in between his legs. He notices Max’s gaze falling upon his body measuring up his hard cock. He sees him and he doesn’t care, but he can’t ignore those hungry eyes and that knowing smile. A few coy hand signals later and Johnny has invited Max inside.

Max is hovering over Johnny savoring his siesta from work, he’s closed the blinds ensuring there won’t be any disturbance. With tepid breath he welcomes the gaze on his curly brown hair and blue eyes all the way down to his seven inch cut cock. Max is too much for Johnny he wants to suck on his cock. The two are soon naked, with Max returning the favor sucking deep and slow along Johnny’s hard shaft.

Their dicks quivering for more as Johnny Rapid begins to ride that twink’s cock to satisfy his yearning ass. He slides down Max’s cock turning doggy for him, Max thrusts in sideways as each try and maximize the other’s pleasure. Johnny groans and cums with Max’s cock drilling into him, his thick jizz squirting a huge warm load across his stomach. Max quickens his pace and tightens his grip, it’s not long before his nuts explode all over that soft flesh causing Johnny to orgasm a second time. Raking leaves has never been so good. Click Here To See The Video

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