Sep 07 2013

Gay Pornstar Johnny Rapid

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Johnny Rapid, a world known gay pornstar, has caught the attention of thousands of people around the world. Johnny, a 19 year old teen, is a normal human being that likes to be around his friends, among working on things likecars. He decided that he wanted to become a pornstar after he lost a job that he had been working at for a while. Johnny loves to wrestle, and has wrestled for at least 6 years. He gained his name “rapid” because of his wrestling abilities. When Johnny Rapid joined as a model, he was only fulfilling his love for modeling, as he has always been interested in a career in modeling. Johnnys modeling career has taken off to a great start with the help and support of friends, family, and coworkers.
Many people have wondered about Johnnys sexuality, and Johnny himself has been asked about his sexual preference in which he states that he is truly a bisexual, being interested in both men and women. There appears to be at least 5 websites, in which Johnny Rapid, the pornstar, has appeared in 3 of them. Johnny seems to be pleased with his sexuality and scenes in his movies. Johnny seems to enjoy his new career in the porn business, appearing in scenes with other gay individuals. One scene that Johnny loves, and that has caught the attention of many viewers of his work, is “Prison Shower”. In the scene, Johnny appears to be a victim of sexual assault while in the shower. This scene has become one of the best scenes on the mens dot com website, and Johnny states that this scene was he best one he has ever done. For people wanting to know more about Johnny Rapid, there are many websites where they can read about him and his gay pornstar scenes. More Gay Porn – Click Here

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