Mar 26 2014

Rafael Alencar and Johnny Rapid in Repeat Offender

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It looks like Drill My Hole might be starting up another fantastic series of hardcore porn movies. This one is called Repeat Offender (Scene 1) which makes me think, and hope, that there are going to be more. It stars the every horny Johnny Rapid the top twink of the stable, alongside older model Rafael Alencar. The thing about him is that he has an eleven and a half inch cock. OK, so you may not be a size queen, but when you match up that monster meat, thick and dark, against twink Johnny’s tight and smooth bubble butt, you know you are in for a treat.

Unsurprisingly, the scene starts off in some young offenders’ institution, or jail, where Johnny is being processed by a huge bear of a guard. He’s instructed to get out of his orange boiler suit and get washed. So, our first treat is the sight of Johnny Rapid striping off and taking a cold shower. Our second is the sight of Rafael doing exactly the same and then recognising Johnny. They’ve met before and when they did…

We go into instant flashback with Johnny in a shower, on his knees, during some previous incarceration. He’s being well punished by Rafael’s cock, currently soft but still thick and heavy. It gets harder and Johnny’s mouth gets stretched and invaded by the incredible length. Rafael uses the twink’s hair to lever his face back and forth over his shaft and Johnny does his best not to gag as the impossibly long and wide dick invades his mouth and throat. But there’s more to this twink than a velvet-soft throat, he’s also got a well-used and capable ass, and Rafael is soon investigating that. Learn more about Rafael Alencar – click here. He stretches it wide for us, shows us the pink insides against the light dusting of dark hair around it, he slaps his ass, plays with his hole and gets his boy well and truly ready for some hard anal action.

I don’t want to ruin the surprised for you here because I really want you to see this incredible scene for yourself. Johnny up against the shower wall, right off the ground, Rafael’s huge cock drilling his hole, acrobatic stunts, a full 15 minutes of fucking and cock worship, in and out of the showers, some amazing acrobatics from Johnny, putting himself in all manner of positions you will not believe. Drill My Hole is really pushing the boat out with his one; inventive, nut bustlingly horny, long and incredibly staged, Repeat Offender is taking hardcore porn to a new level.

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Jan 09 2014

Johnny Rapid and Adam Killian is a huge gay orgy together

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The quality of the Pledges in the lineup is excellent and Adam Killian, can’t help put notice. As the pledge master, the fit and tattooed top is responsible for administering the initiation test that will determine if the new recruits should become members of his fraternity. Curious to see how things will play out, he decides that the pledges should pool wrestle slathered in baby oil. The first match is between Haigen Sence, a tattooed and muscular top, and the clean cut twink, Johnny Rapid. As the boys begin to wrestle in the tiny, paddling pool things quickly started to get interesting. Not wanting to miss out on any of the fun the other pledges, Kip Johnson and Donny Wright, decide to join in.

Things began to get wilder and one of the tops ripped the shorts off of poor Johnny; an action that immediately had four pairs of hungry eyes staring at this cute, well cut dick. Inspired by that beautiful cock, Cooper tells the two tops to start making out. Happy to oblige, they started to kiss and within minutes, Haigen was hungrily sucking the other top’s dick. Johnny turned toward Cooper and began to stroke his dick. At this point, everyone’s cock is either being sucked or stroked and the sexual tension is growing.

By this time, everyone is in the pool slipping, sliding, sucking, or stroking. As the mood begins to change, Adam Killian decides that the next initiation challenge should be anal sex. With one thing on their minds, the eager tops begin to check out the asses of the bottoms. The hardcore anal fucking session that took place next left cum all over Kip from four guys blowing massive loads. At the end of the night, they all decided that the pledge rituals were excellent.

Nov 07 2013

Johnny In A Box With Marcus Ruhl And Paddy O Brian

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Marcus could not stand the wait much longer. Six to eight weeks is torture when you are waiting for that special package. Every afternoon Marcus would catch the eyes of the hunky delivery man named Paddy O Brian only to be told that his delivery was not there. After what seemed like ages, finally the handsome guy in shorts shorts brings the six foot long package into the apartment on a hand truck. Marcus barely gets the hottie out of the room before he is ripping apart the box. Inside the massive container is the envy of the girls and boys: Turbo Twink:3000~ Johnny Rapid. The lifelike, fully anatomical robot is every wet dream and fantasy you have ever had rolled into six feet of smooth, shaved and toned man meat.

Running his hands along the contoured sides of the mechanical adonis, Marcus Ruhl discovers that the ten inch, cut cock actually moves and fills like a real dick. The skin is warm and when Marcus kneels and sucks in the huge erection he moans at the taste.Wanting more he walks the robotic and compliant Johnny over to a table and positions the open mouth perfectly to plunge his own hard organ deep into Johnny’s throat. Marcus’s pleasure is immense. Johnny is his plaything, his toy, his to use anytime and anyway he wants.

He put the obedient Johnny in all positions. He bends the mannequin over the table as slides into the tight, hot ass. Johnny rides his owners cock, sucks his master’s dick and anything else Marcus wants silently and with no complaints. Marcus jacks his new toy off to watch the life like come shoot. The sight is more than he can take. Marcus let loose with a huge load all over the hairless chest of his new possession. Oh yes, Marcus is very satisfied with his delivery as he puts Johnny Rapid back in the box cleaned and ready for the next round. Marcus knows that the next round will be coming soon and so will Marcus.

Oct 01 2013

Turn Me Into a Whore – The Series

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Johnny leaves the session as the Turn-Me-Into-a-Whore series continues and enters the bathroom naked and hopeless. Johnny is certain it is all over for him. Liam has other ideas. Liam knows Johnny has the body and the stamina for this work but not the experience. Johnny has only been with one guy. Liam is sure that a few good men is all it takes to whip Johnny into the best whore in the business. Well-hung, muscular and fit men congregate around Liam. Four juicy, horny and thick men ready to party join Liam and Johnny Rapid in the bedroom. Seeing Johnny and Liam gets all the guys hot and hard. Click Here To Download All Of Johnny Rapid Porn Movies For Only $1
One tattooed leather daddy, Charlie Harding brought his sweet candy-assed Twink Riley Banks. As they stripped down Johnny Rapid could see the long cocks bulging against their briefs. Once the jocks were off Riley and Johnny kneel like good little boys with mouths open for their lollipops. Soon, Jimmy Johnson and Jack King are bursting at the seams for attention. The wide expanse of tanned and toned skin gets layered onto the huge mattress as all six guys lay down. Johnny keeps Jimmy and Jack hard and leaking while Riley services Liam and Charlie like a good, cock hungry whore trainee.
Johnny’s jaw aches in the best way possible as Jimmy and Jack come all over his chest. Liam sees the white drops splatter against Johnny’s nipples and he comes hard, adding his own juice to the mix. Riley finally gets Charlie to come on his face. The jizz is plentiful and covers both cheeks. As a thank you to Johnny for getting Liam off, Riley deep throats Johnny utill Johnny gets to add fresh, hot spurts to the Twinks angelic face.
As the men catch their breaths, Mr. Rapid thanks each one. The guysreally helped in on his way to being one of the greatest whores around.Click Here To Download 600+ Gay Porn Movies For Only $1

Sep 20 2013

Johnny Rapid In The Wild West

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Nice to be out in the Wild West. Out here you see people wearing check shirts, cowboy hats and jeans. For some it can be nothing but sexual frustration. At least that’s the way Johnny Rapid felt as he was waiting along the tracks. He heard the freight train making it’s loud rattling noise as it passed.

Before long, a good ol’ boy, Robbie Rivers, just happened to come by. He had no problem with asking you for a smoke and he’d tell you that you’re the greatest guy around if he thinks you’d give him one. He looked like he could start a browl at any moment. Certiantly doesn’t seem seem like the sort to accept what Johnny had to offer.

Browling is just another way to make other people start balling as far as Johnny was concerned. His 7.5 inch cock was already out of his pants and ready for action before Robbie could say, “hum dinger”. Robbie gobbled down that thick shaft. He’d wetted those heavy nuts and he ended up giving Johnny the sucking of his life. He loved fucking his mate’s face. He choked him and told him what to do, till his cock was wet and Johnny was ready for some tight ass. Then he was on top as he got horny Robbie on his knees. He bent him over the rail line, and forced the length of his long cock into his tight hole.

Robbie never wanted a cigarette. He wanted to be fucked and that’s exactly what he got from the hard and handy farmhand. With a slopped ass, red palm prints on white flesh, and dirty talk Robbie likes to ride cock like a whore. He did what he was told, right out in the open as Johnny worked himself up into a frenzy.

He was pumping and pounding, using Robbie as hid dumbass plaything. He went on till he couldn’t hold back. With a whoop and a holler, he spewed his jizz right over Robbie’s panting chest. His cum was squirting out right there under his chin. He was letting off a bit more than steam from his boiler. Robbie just grinned, grasped and took it all. He loves it out here in the Wild, Wet, West. click here to view more

Sep 12 2013

All Bets Are Final

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Learning is hard, preparing for a test is even harder and Johnny Rapid and Duncan Black know the effort it takes to stay focused. Quickly they start to converse about Duncan and who will be the next person he gets in bed. They start a bet. He sees Topher Di Maggio the Teaching Assistant and wonders if he is straight or not. Either way it’s not a problem for Duncan. He heads toward Topher in the study where he is in nothing but his tight fitting underwear. Duncan thought, “What do people expect from looking at this sexy, straight talking, man with his cock outlined in his tight underwear only inches from me?”
To Duncan’s amusement, he knows Duncans plan. Topher turns, with a rising cock, towards Duncan. Duncan is gay and Topher is straight, there is no reason why a gay guy cannot suck on a straight guy’s huge cock. And the sounds Topher is making, Duncan knows this isn’t the first time he has had service done before. Topher starts tohump Duncan’s mouth so hard and, as he starts to choke, Topher offers his balls to lick and suck on, and allows his student to pull out his pulsating six inches of happiness to play with as he continues tohump Duncan’s tight mouth.
Duncan knows what straight men like on gay webcam, a tight hole, and Duncan is willing to make it as tight as he needs. He offers up his tight asshole as Topher backs him up, literally, humping him hard and fast until his whole 8.5 inch straight cock was buried deep inside Duncan. They stay in rhythm together until Duncan can no longer hold it in and start’s to spew his juice over his own chest and Tophers shoulder. Topher releases. Duncan has won the bet. Click Here Learn More

Sep 11 2013

Max Flint together with Johnny Rapid

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Max Flint wipes his brow, raking leaves has caused him to work up a sweat in the late afternoon. It’s a dull job, especially when your a twink, but the lawn needs cleared for the day. Max breaks from his rest taking the rake in his hand he starts to clear a patch of grass, working towards his neighbor Johnny Rapid’s house. Raking towards the window, Max peers in and notices Johnny is home.

Johnny Rapid is sitting on the edge of his bed bored and horny sitting all alone watching some gay cam live shows. He’s a smooth twink, happily caressing his hard cut cock in between his legs. He notices Max’s gaze falling upon his body measuring up his hard cock. He sees him and he doesn’t care, but he can’t ignore those hungry eyes and that knowing smile. A few coy hand signals later and Johnny has invited Max inside.

Max is hovering over Johnny savoring his siesta from work, he’s closed the blinds ensuring there won’t be any disturbance. With tepid breath he welcomes the gaze on his curly brown hair and blue eyes all the way down to his seven inch cut cock. Max is too much for Johnny he wants to suck on his cock. The two are soon naked, with Max returning the favor sucking deep and slow along Johnny’s hard shaft.

Their dicks quivering for more as Johnny Rapid begins to ride that twink’s cock to satisfy his yearning ass. He slides down Max’s cock turning doggy for him, Max thrusts in sideways as each try and maximize the other’s pleasure. Johnny groans and cums with Max’s cock drilling into him, his thick jizz squirting a huge warm load across his stomach. Max quickens his pace and tightens his grip, it’s not long before his nuts explode all over that soft flesh causing Johnny to orgasm a second time. Raking leaves has never been so good. Click Here To See The Video

Sep 07 2013

Gay Pornstar Johnny Rapid

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Johnny Rapid, a world known gay pornstar, has caught the attention of thousands of people around the world. Johnny, a 19 year old teen, is a normal human being that likes to be around his friends, among working on things likecars. He decided that he wanted to become a pornstar after he lost a job that he had been working at for a while. Johnny loves to wrestle, and has wrestled for at least 6 years. He gained his name “rapid” because of his wrestling abilities. When Johnny Rapid joined as a model, he was only fulfilling his love for modeling, as he has always been interested in a career in modeling. Johnnys modeling career has taken off to a great start with the help and support of friends, family, and coworkers.
Many people have wondered about Johnnys sexuality, and Johnny himself has been asked about his sexual preference in which he states that he is truly a bisexual, being interested in both men and women. There appears to be at least 5 websites, in which Johnny Rapid, the pornstar, has appeared in 3 of them. Johnny seems to be pleased with his sexuality and scenes in his movies. Johnny seems to enjoy his new career in the porn business, appearing in scenes with other gay individuals. One scene that Johnny loves, and that has caught the attention of many viewers of his work, is “Prison Shower”. In the scene, Johnny appears to be a victim of sexual assault while in the shower. This scene has become one of the best scenes on the mens dot com website, and Johnny states that this scene was he best one he has ever done. For people wanting to know more about Johnny Rapid, there are many websites where they can read about him and his gay pornstar scenes. More Gay Porn – Click Here